Monday, November 16, 2009

Kim kardashian naked. Pics...

Kim kardashian naked. Cool picz...

kim kardashian nakedkim kardashian nakedkim kardashian naked
Should I tell my boyfriend that I deliberately stopped taking my pills? Ive been with my boyfriend for 9 months off and on. I didn't really get to know him very well when we met. All I know is it was HOT! He had hazel eyes, dimples 3, goatee, black wavy hair Jack, 61 and a muscular body (HES Cuban). Btw im black. Hes the most handsome man Ive ever been with. I was shocked when he wanted to be with me. However, as I've known, there are few things that are wrong with him. First, he lives with his mother and does not pay rent. Secondly, hes an alcoholic. Third HES addicted to sex. He goes to strip clubs every night. Fourthly, his has no valid driver's license and 27 yrs old. However, it has an excellent job as a brick layer and HES in the Union. . Im a single mother with two children by two different men. He left me several times. It's almost like he intentionally starts fighting with me. I confess that I am very jealous. I demand screen of his cellphone. I checked on his radar on Yahoo. I have not found the HES see when its FWB. I also found they were IMing each other. He told her how much he missed having sex with her and he wishes he was single! I even found photos of her naked. Ill admit shes gorgeous. It looks like a black version of Kim Kardashian. Shes supposedly half black and Arab. . Anyway, I know I should leave, but I couldnt I was just too attracted to him. I do not want to leave and I want this relationship to work. So I stopped taking the pill without telling him. He asked me to get an abortion, but waited to the end on purpose. That night, I told him I was three months pregnant by him he blew me and left. Then I found this very night he went to rejoin his old FWB. I honestly think he wanted to be with her at length. But she moved away and now shes back in town for good. I do not know what to do?
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