Saturday, November 14, 2009

Megan fox pictures. Pictures.

Megan fox pictures. Fresh pics...
megan fox picturesmegan fox picturesmegan fox pictures
How are my odds' of being a model? Ok Im high (510) and have a single face, even if not yeah Im Megan Fox or nothing. But being a model is much more than being a perfect 10, it takes the strength and personality to do well and better with what Im. A strike against me is that if Im not a thin girl, Im just the average size of 6-8 dress. IM and 21, which is a little 'later in the game start-Im, but does not seek to become an international superstar, Im just looking for a few concerts to raise a little extra change until my dream to go in my career I just want to be a writer really. So I consider fairly, but I say it like it is, I can not be a model, if I can not take criticism. But if you find a lot of stuff you do not like, tell me what it is thats wrong. Heres a picture of me, note that this is only a photograph that I made with my cell phone, airbrushing, lighting or studio concealer so excuse the poor quality if you can not. http / / @ N0 ...
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